From Debt to Savings

When Rhonda took her kids to the Gold Coast for a holiday, she relied on her credit card to help cover the extra costs. Nearly a year later, Rhonda was still trying to pay back her debt – so she turned to Kingdom Resources for help.

Previously, Rhonda had enjoyed a good income and lifestyle, and had plenty of support to help her with the kids. Rhonda spent her money freely on overseas holidays and nice things. Says Rhonda, “But then life threw me curve ball and, man I panicked!” Becoming a single parent was a major adjustment for her, which caused significant changes to her finances.

Rhonda was given the opportunity to have a Kingdom Resources’ interest free loan so she could pay her debt off quickly. She thought it would take her 14 months to pay off, “But I smashed it in 12”, says Rhonda.

The year Rhonda spent paying off her Kingdom Resources loan and regularly seeing her financial mentor was a good amount of time to get into the habit of managing her money well. She talked to her children about her new budget and they quickly got on board too. Together they discussed how spending on extra things will affect how much money is left for
other things.

Now Rhonda enjoys see her savings growing which encourages her to think before making purchases, and she no longer feels the need to panic purchase.
Reflecting on how Kingdom Resources has helped her change her situation, Rhonda uses an example of a book she read recently about how sometimes when you don’t have enough hope of your own while in the midst of difficult circumstances, you can borrow someone elses. “Lending people hope”, she says, “that’s what Kingdom Resources does!”


by Janine Millington