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We’re here to help! Our focus is on people struggling with money problems or needing help in their journey towards employment – sometimes both.

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We are open from 8.30 am – 4.30 pm, Monday – Friday. (One late night per week, by appointment only.)


Our History


The Kingdom Resources Trust (KRT) commenced in 1988 as an initiative of South West Baptist Church (then Spreydon Baptist). Howard Taylor, then a Pastor, believed God wanted him to start an interest-free ‘bank’. He saw people in the church and wider community crippled by debt, most of it high interest. Some people had no money, others had surplus. One part of the community could help another. His dream? Interest free loans to break the debt cycle!

It quickly grew to include churches from across the city and beyond.

Within just a few months of launch, KRT had received investments of $30,500 and donations of over $6,000.  Many at the time said interest free lending couldn’t be done, but with over $4m loaned out, the Trust continues to prove the critics wrong!

John Exton, General Manager, said, “Nearly 30 years later, the need for interest free loans, budgeting and employment services remains the same.  Thousands are struggling to make ends meet and are caught in the debt trap.”

Kingdom Resources helps over 2,100 people (adults and their children) each year with budgeting or employment support


  • Alastair :: Chairman
    Alastair has been Chairperson of Kingdom Resources since 1997 having originally joined the Board in late 1988, about six months. ...
  • Janelle ::
    Janelle first joined Kingdom Resources as a Budget Advisor in 1997 and was then employed by the organisation from 2000. ...
  • Chris :: Secretary
    Chris, recently retired from being the Kingdom Resources’ Administrator for over 11   years, joined the Board of Trustees in 2013. . ...
  • David ::
    David works as an international development consultant and has oversight of a number of micro enterprise development projects in several. ...
  • John :: General Manager
    John has worked as General Manager of Kingdom Resources since 1996. He holds qualifications of B.Com and C.A. and joined. ...


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