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You can make a difference to a family's life this Christmas and New Year. Please join us in our mission to help people today

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Money Help

Are you worried about money? Our friendly, team of budget advisors help hundreds of people each year to manage their money better.

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Career Help

Do you need help with the next step towards a new job or career path? Taking the First Step is a FREE pre-employment and confidence building course for women.

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Get Involved

Could you be a budget advisor? Does your church want to partner with us to offer Budget Advice? Would you like to be a Prayer Partner? Donor? Investor? If so, we’d love to hear from you.


Balancing every day family life and money can be tough.  Join a MoneyMates group, where we talk about money and choices (we don't need to share our own financial details), and enjoy some morning tea.
  • Free Budget Advice

    Kingdom Resources’ team of friendly financial mentors is made up of trained volunteers from churches around Christchurch and the wider Canterbury community, and experienced staff members.  See ‘Contact Us’ page for Christmas Closure dates. (more…)

  • MoneyMates Groups

    Join a MoneyMates Group, where we chat about money, learn from each other and enjoy some morning tea.

    MoneyMates Groups typically run for about 5 weeks, each session lasting for about an hour and half. (more…)

  • Interest Free Loans

    It’s easy to get into a never-ending debt spiral if you’re paying high interest rates.   (more…)

  • Employment Support

    Taking the First Step,  a course specifically designed for women over 20 to help build confidence and employment skills.


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