Alla’s determination pays off

Alla was looking for something mentally stimulating, “a preparation for my next venture,” she says. Her previous job had been disestablished, and although she had recently become a mother, she still wanted something else to keep her occupied. Following a chat to course tutor Sarah about her future options, Alla joined ‘Taking the First Step’, Kingdom Resources’ free confidence and pre-employment course for women.

“Coming to Taking the First Step was a real meaningful activity for me. Every day I couldn’t wait, I was excited. I knew that this would give me new roots, new branches, new friendships, new contacts, and it exceeded my expectations. I knew this was exactly what I needed,” she explains. “Sarah said, ‘what you do every day determines your life’, and suddenly you realise all you do is cook, clean, eat, sleep. Something had to change. I was ready.”

Describing the course as “real intense in a nice way,” Alla says, “It wasn’t just about employment, it was about mindfulness, spirituality, mindset, patience, and it was a really good place to be honest about yourself.” She said she felt uplifted, and that she wasn’t alone. She particularly enjoyed the Māori content, especially the waiata, “it’s something I still do with my child every day,” she says, “it helps us.” The personality tests helped her to understand herself better. She now knows why she gets so excited about certain things and can see that it’s a strength.

Alla spent time using her new skills to help her figure out what she wanted to do for a career. With only a few hours spare each day, creating a CV was a challenge for Alla. But she reminded herself of all the tools and connections she’d been given through the course and set about getting it done. She says, “It’s my CV, nobody’s going to do it for me.” She learned about the job market, researched potential job vacancies, and got constructive feedback on her CV from people she respects.

Soon after the course finished, Alla took her CV and cover letter into a café and she says, “handed it in the old-fashioned way”. She was offered a job, which she accepted and now thoroughly enjoys. Since then, she’s accepted a second job and has had further job offers which work in with her family and fit within her skillset. “My cup is full,” Alla explains, “I am happy.”


By Janine Millington